Farmer Programs

A trajectory of holistic training and technical assistance to meet the needs of aspiring, beginning, and experienced farmers

  • CRAFT Farmer Network

    Brings established, beginning, and apprentice farmers together for farmer-to-farmer training in the art and science of sustainable agriculture

  • Farm Beginnings®

    Training the next generation of farmers in the many skills required to start and expand a successful farm business

  • Farm stand with tomatoes for sale

    Farm Dreams

    If you’re in the exploratory stages of starting your own farm, this entry-level workshop is designed just for you. You will receive practical, common-sense information on sustainable farming and how to move forward

  • Mushroom Cultivation on Logs - Forest Farming

    Forest Farming

    Training beginning forest farmers and land stewards, both novice and experienced, to understand the wealth and history of woodland botanicals and forest products

  • Holistic Crop Management

    A webinar series led by local farmers and agricultural resource specialists where growers will gain the tools to manage soil health, weeds, pests, and diseases for whole-farm success

  • Journeyperson Program

    Designed for farmers who have been independently farming for three or more years and are serious about operating farm businesses in the Southern Appalachian region

  • Mentor Services

    Supporting beginning and intermediate farmers by partnering them with experienced regional farmers who can provide them with one-on-one practical planning skills

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OGS Farmer Programs are made possible by our farmer network and our funding partners.

For questions, please contact our Director of Programs & Human Resources, Nicole DelCogliano, at