Mentor Services

One-on-one support in developing practical farming skills

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Why Mentorship?

The purpose of the Mentor Services program is to support beginning and intermediate farmers by partnering them with experienced regional farmers who can provide them with one-on-one practical planning skills in the areas of:

  • farm design and production

  • marketing and business development

  • forest farming

  • land use and assessment

  • systems management

  • connecting them to the regional farming community

By serving as mentors, regional farmers will be able to pass on the skills and knowledge that they possess to other farmers and help to build collaboration and community among the farming community. 

Program Details

  • We are looking for farmers who have been farming at least 1 year and/or have worked as a farm manager. We can only provide mentors to those farming in North Carolina. 

    Preference is given to graduates of Farm Beginnings® (or other relevant farmer training programs) and members of CRAFT

    Each applicant will be evaluated on an individual basis. Farming partners who apply jointly will receive one mentor.

    • Complete application and interview

    • Respectful and timely communication with Mentor and Coordinator

    • Complete within one year

    • Monthly digital tracking of time

    • Quarterly check in with Mentorship Program Coordinator

    • One-on-one Mentorship with an experienced farmer of up to 30 hours ($1000 value)

    • Free or reduced fee mentorship for Forest Farming

    • Access to Farm Beginnings® Coordinator for technical assistance (invaluable!)

    • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

    • Participants are matched with a mentor within one month of acceptance.

  • Fees:

    • $550 for 15 hours of Mentorship or $1100 for 30 hours (scholarships available)

    • Special reduced fee for Forest Farming applicants

    Discount Offers to These OGS services (15%): 

    • Access to sustainability consultant with OGS for farm design and systems development ($300 value)

    • One-year membership to Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training ($30 value)

    • Single-day attendance at OGS Spring Conference ($120 value)

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