Resource Library

Over our 30 years of service to the permaculture community, Organic Growers School has collected many useful handouts and reference guides that have been created and shared by our presenters. We offer a frequently updated selection of these resources here, free for public use.

Gardening & Growing

  • Practical Plant Pathology

    Vanessa Campbell • 2016 OGS Spring Conference

    A guide to managing and preventing plant disease

  • Winter Harvest Planting Guide

    C. Newhouse • 2016

    A weekly reference chart with planting dates for winter harvest and overwintering spring crops

  • Organic, No­Till Urban Mini­Farming

    Mini-Farms Network

    Rationale and techniques for successful no-till farming practices that reduce soil depletion.

Forest Farming & Wild Harvesting

  • Acornucopia Project Harvester’s Guide

    A nut forager’s guide to species identification, harvest tips, and handling.

  • A Forest Gardener and Farmer’s Year

    Zev Friedman • 2016 OGS Spring Conference

    Laying out a Southern Appalachian forest farmer’s yearly activities by month.

  • Preserving the Wild Harvest

    Abby Artemisia • The Wander School

    Guidelines for harvest, processing, and preservation methods for wild-foraged foods

Cooking & Preserving

  • Infographic Guide to Spices

    Become a seasoning pro with this comprehensive chart of spice flavor profiles and culinary uses.

  • The Root Cellar

    Adapted from Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables, by Mike and Nancy Bubel

    A guide to root vegetable storage requirements.

  • Homesteading Food Storage

    Ashleigh Hillen & NC State Extension

    A quick reference guide to safe home canning practices, with lots of suggested web resources.

Livestock & Beekeeping

  • Poisonous Plants to Livestock

    D. L. Ace, L. J. Hutchinson, Pennsylvania State U., University Park; G. F. W. Haenlein, U. of Delaware, Newark

    A guide to dangerous plants to avoid in livestock areas.

  • A Beekeeper's Year in Western NC

    Jon Christie • Wild Mountain Apiaries and Wild Mountain Bees

    A monthly chart of suggested processes for beekeeping success in Southern Appalachia

  • Meat Goat Animal Science Facts

    NC State Cooperative Extension Service

    A comprehensive reference guide to meat goat reproduction, health, grazing, and more.


  • The Principles of Permaculture

    Bill Mollison & David Holmgren

    Design principles, strategies, and specific techniques for permaculture farming practices.

  • Permaculture Land Assessment

    Luke Costlow • OGS 2020 Spring Conference

    Introduction to whole-systems design thinking and land assessment practices.

  • Perennial Permaculture Plants

    Natalie Bogwalker & Cailen Campbell

    A well-annotated guide to high-yield perennials that support permaculture goals.