2023 Cooperative Purchase Event for Seven Springs Farm Supply

Seven Springs Farm Supply worker with forklift

Seven Springs Farm Supply’s Fall 2023 Cooperative Purchase events are around the corner!

Seven Springs Farm Supply has been working to support farmers for over 30 years by providing a wide range of biological crop solutions, including organic fertilizers, approved-for-organic pest and disease controls, growing mixes, cover crop seed, livestock feed and supplements, and more. As a farm-based business, Seven Springs is proud to be a member of the community they serve.

Seven Springs Farm Supply prioritizes making farming inputs accessible to as many farmers as possible. In this spirit, they collaborate with regional organizations, extension centers, and farmers to organize bi-annual seasonal deliveries to drop points across the southeast and mid-Atlantic. 

To participate, you can order directly with Seven Springs, and your order will be delivered to your nearest regional drop point. By combining your supply shipment with other OGS farmers’ and gardeners’ shipments, you can save on shipping costs while minimizing our collective carbon footprint.

The designated drop point for Western North Carolina is the Madison County Ag Extension Center in Marshall, NC. Seven Springs has been making Spring and Fall deliveries to this location for over 20 years!

Daniel and Alena from Seven Springs will be at the Extension Center this fall to offer hands-on assistance and support and share their knowledge and experience. They'll also be bringing some product samples, freebies, and treats to enjoy while you’re there!

Below are the important details for the upcoming WNC delivery event. Please visit Seven Springs' website for information on other delivery sites and events.

Blog Photo - Seven Springs Farm Supply 2023 Catalog

The order deadline for WNC is August 18th.

To place an order, call Seven Springs at 540-651-3228 or email them.

Order pickup dates for WNC are August 30th and 31st.

The pickup address for the WNC drop point is 258 Carolina Ln, Marshall, NC 28753. After placing an order, you will be notified when your order has been unloaded and is ready for pickup.

Get your orders in, and we’ll hope to see you there!


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