A Way of Life Farm

Woman and boy running through farm
  • Jamie and Sara Jane Davis started A Way of Life Farm in January 2009. Our intentions on this land are a culmination of varied experiences and common values. Living on land that we can grow on for the rest of our days is a dream come true!

    Jamie grew up in Polk County, NC, learning the meaning of hard work while cutting hay and mending fences on the family horse farm. As a student of music, yoga, and permaculture design, he strives to apply observation, creativity, discipline, and care for the land in his approach to farming.

    Sara Jane was raised in New Orleans and was a student of environmental studies and sustainable agriculture at Oberlin College in Ohio (where these two crazy kids met). With a deep concern for injustices in our society and natural environment, she gave much thought to her role in the world and concluded that growing good food while living simply and happily was the way to go. Beginning with her grandfather’s garden in Upstate NY, she learned from gardeners and farmers at all ends of the country and in Ireland before settling in North Carolina.

    Our sons, Alder and Will, were born right here on the farm in 2011 and 2013. They love foraging fruits, veggies, and wild greens from the farm, making forts, listening to stories, building with Legos, and playing in the creek.

  • 856 Brooks Rd. Bostic, NC 28018



Sara Jane and Jamie are amazing. They are dedicated problem-solvers and love their farm, and it shows in the produce and pork they bring to market each week. It is veggie art – clean and beautiful. Visiting the farm, seeing the operation, and spending time with their family and assistants is a joy. I cannot say enough good things about their work, warmth, and professionalism.
— Elizabeth, customer

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