Green Toe Ground Organic Farm
  • The main body of our farm sits on a bend in the South Toe River. We are definitely not the first ones to coax a living from the sandy loam. We are always reminded of those who came before as we pick points and pottery from our soils, some thousands of years old. We grow six acres of Biodynamic vegetables in a scattering of soil types and fields, from sandy loam to clay loam. As a wife and husband team of Nicole DelCogliano and Gaelan Corozine we have been here since 2001, along with our two daughters.

    Our farming philosophy: We started practicing biodynamic farming on the land in 2004. We feel it speaks to our philosophy and perspective of approaching our farm as a whole organism. Husbanding animals is also very important for us as we make our own Biodynamic compost from their manures .Farming is more than economics to us; it is a lifestyle and a culture that we strive for. Our two daughters have grown up from birth on our backs in the fields and we are immensely proud of that.

    What we grow and how: We grow vegetables of all kinds, a mix of heirlooms and hybrids, outdoors and in 3 high tunnels. We have worked hard to find which varieties work well for our land, but are always exploring new products. We use a 45 hp Kioti Tractor for bed preparation, primarily using a Imants spader. As inquisitive people we nurture an understanding and study of the land we farm on. All of our cultivation is done by hand with scuffle hoes or hand weeding. Over time we have seen our weed load lessen along with disease pressure and now we have cut back severely on supplemental watering. Believing that good veggies taste better when they have to work a little to get what they need.

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We have been working with Green Toe for almost 15 years and have been pleased 100% of the time – both with product and service.
— Julie, owner of Early Girl Eatery, Asheville, NC

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