Boy with chicken on shoulder
  • Arthur Morgan School is a unique boarding and day school that works with middle schoolers in grades 7-9. We grow over fifty varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit using low-input and organic methods on an acre of land. We care for a variety of livestock, including laying hens, turkeys, dairy cows, and the occasional pig or sheep. We have a passive solar greenhouse, an earth-sheltered greenhouse and 60 foot high tunnel.

    Students and staff actively participate in the work of the farm. We value simplicity and sustainability in our work. Therefore, we use organic and low/no-input methods and are beginning to experiment with low and no till.

    We are a non-profit, educational farm. All farm products are consumed on site by the staff and students of Arthur Morgan School. In the high season, some food is donated to local food shelters. We do extensive preserving, root cellar, and extended season greenhouse gardening to feed our community year-round.

  • 60 AMS Circle, Burnsville, NC 28714


I love this farm. Beautiful landscaping and terrific produce. There is a great selection and the farm manager is knowledgeable and helpful!
— Nicolas, customer

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